Equator Beats

A music producer from west London with 10yrs and more experience in musical production exploring and creating all genres.

The idea behind the name Equator Beats first came to surface in 2004 when in yr 9 attending Dormers Wells High school in a geography lesson a friend at the time suggested that every music producer should have a name that represents their creativity. Looking around the class he noticed a picture of a globe with the equator line and it all came together as the equator line represents the hottest part on the earth which can also be seen as symbolic for universal in relation to global cultures and musical influence.

Projects includes 2016 Madness with Fumez the engineer with a collective collaboration of artist which includes Ard Adz, Nolay, Clue, Blitz and RM.

When Equator is not cooking up something in Propellerhead Reason he spends time with his family and friends and enjoys creative writing and drawing.

Equator is currently working on his own mix ep with a collection of various artist who will be able to showcase the various genres Equator Beats is capable of producing.

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